Getting started with TLDR

Please read this guide before using TLDR to get the best developer experience.

Installing the plugin

You can install the plugin for your IDE from the JetBrains Marketplace.

Versions and limitations

The plugin is currently available for all Jetbrains IDEs and you can use a limited version for free. The free version is limited to three code explanations in plain english per day and allows you to use it before you purchase a license.

When activating the trial of the plugin, these limits still apply and it does not increase your limits.

The paid version of the plugin increases these limits so much that you will likely never reach them. If you do, this happens because we are still in early access and need to adjust them as we learn. Please contact us at [email protected] and we sort it out.

Using TLDR

Methods & functions

TLDR works best if you ask it to explain a method or function. You can do this by selecting the method and running the shortcut or by right-clicking the method and selecting "TLDR".

There is a limit to how much code TLDR can explain at once. If you select too much code, TLDR will throw an error. If this happens, simply select less code and try again.

Database queries

Complex SQL queries are hard to understand. TLDR can help you understand them by explaining them step by step. Simply select the query and run the shortcut or right-click and select "TLDR".

Regular Expressions

When you have difficulties understanding a regular expression, you can ask TLDR to explain it to you. If TDLR gets it wrong, please report this as a bad result – until we can improve this, please to test your regular expressions.

Dos and Don'ts

As explained above, TLDR works best if you ask it to explain a specific piece of code.

  • Run it on specific code
  • Don't try to explain whole files
  • Don't run it on plain text and expect good results
  • Don't use it for HTML/Markup – it works but won't help much

TLDR and the AI system behind it are still in development, so please don't expect 100% accuracy on every request. We've release the plugin because we believe that the plugin will help you understand code better, even if there are times where the result is not perfect.